wanna be a baker

I'm a 26 year old biologist trying to figure out my life while enjoying my love of food and science. I'm a certified diver, a runner and a traveller. I have run 3 5ks and 4 half marathons.

5k: 28:21

HM: 2:24:02

I quit my Chemist job in 2012 to travel and teach in Asia. I'm now home and working.

Someday I'll have my dream job.

We had intended to go visit a national park to hike on Labor Day but Rob slept in pretty late and with his evening band practice to be back in town for, we decided to stick around the East side.

We visited Riverside Park and walked, sprinted and an occasional skip on my part through the paths along the Milwaukee river. We threw in a set of “running stairs” and push ups to get an additional workout.

We saw lots of grasshoppers and butterflies, a downy woodpecker, goldfinch and a very small garter snake.

We entered our evening by grilling out (veggie) burgers, vegetables and a side salad. Beers and got settled in with an episode of Game of Thrones.

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