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I'm a 26 year old biologist trying to figure out my life while enjoying my love of food and science. I'm a certified diver, a runner and a traveller. I have run 3 5ks and 4 half marathons.

5k: 28:21

HM: 2:24:02

I quit my Chemist job in 2012 to travel and teach in Asia. I'm now home and working.

Someday I'll have my dream job.

Minocqua, WI day 4

Rain was predicted for the entire day but fortunately it cleared up so we went into Minocqua’s downtown, like a miniature Wisconsin Dells. We figured if it rained, we could take shelter in one of the many shops.

Our first stop was biking to the Minocqua Museum, a small museum of Minocqua’s history. Old furniture, appliances, classrooms, and the best was the functioning train. Apparently, I really love that kind of thing. Back in highschool, we had to bring in a prop for a book report and I created the setting of the book I read. I built the buildings, streets, little trees and people.

Afterwards, we went to a few shops, grabbed a coffee and eventually began our bar crawl. First stop, the Minocqua Brewing Company where we split the sampler. Afterwards, we went to the Thirsty Whale which is situated on the lake. We split some appetizers and got bloody mary’s which were served basic with a bucket of spices and sauces to cater to your taste. The bar probably thought this was a cool and unique thing to do but neither Audra nor I were capable of creating drinkable bloodys.

We biked back to our place and rested up, did some internet stuff, attempted to get my parents to come back from fishing to drive us to the “world’s largest penny”. It didn’t work so after a little while, we drove there to see it. Everything is much closer than it seems.

On the way back, we stopped at a side of the road shopping area where we grabbed ice cream.

We relaxed in the evening by drinking champagne and watching our favorite tv show which I refuse to mention because neither of us are proud.

The next day, we packed up and headed home. A short, fun and cold summer vacation.

Minocqua, WI day 3 (I got a little confused with my last post)

Day 3 was a rainy and cold day. The worst combination, if you’re wondering what my least favorite weather combinations are.

Since boating, swimming or much of anything outdoors was not an option, we decided to visit the St. Germain flea market. We still got caught in the rain though. I bought some vintage PBR glasses and a jar of apple butter.

In the evening, we played a few games of cribbage and drank bloody marys.


Friday evening was the start of the Riverwest 24, a 24 hour bike race in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. Some people raced solo and others raced in as a team. I was on a team of 6, 2 of them pictured in the 2nd image.

After check in, we grabbed a free dinner (vegan Indian food) from the co op. Hannah rode first so I watched all the riders start then went to spend the night with other teams. Since I wasn’t riding until the early morning, I had some beers and made my way to watch a band play at a bar nearby.

I got a couple of hours of sleep before I went out. There are 4 checkpoints that you need to get your manifest punched at, in order. So as long as you do that, it’s not important the route that you take. There are also bonus checkpoints that you get a free lap or 2 (I’m not sure if it varied at all depending on the bonus). I did 3 bonus checkpoints during my time. It was to spray paint a design in one of the intersections on the route. The next one was a neighborhood clean up where I, along with 4 others, picked up trash in a section of the neighborhood. And the final one I did was at Planned Parenthood, where they had a bean bag toss and trivia about the most common STI in Milwaukee (ps it’s Chlamydia). Then 2/3 of my team met up for the bonus checkpoint breakfast. Vegan tofu scramble, vegan pancakes, fruit, hummus. So good! I was a useless person Saturday afternoon while I slept the day away.

Saturday was also Rob’s grandpa’s 80th birthday. So we went to that around 7 and I drank champagne with his mom and aunts.

Sunday, I went to yoga in the morning where I requested we focus on lower back. It was pretty good, but I really should do more core work on my own. Then Rob and I ran errands. He picked up some accessories for his motorcycle and I got some stuff for an upcoming bachelorette party and we stopped off for custard from Leon’s, a vintage custard stand and the inspiration for the hangout in Happy Days.

Minocqua, WI Day 2 “pretty pictures” update

We took the boat for a ride around a couple lakes in Minocqua during the day and watched a ski show in the evening. It took about an hour to get to the other lake, of course we went slow so we could just enjoy the beautiful Northern Wisconsin scenery.

Living in Southeast Wisconsin, opportunity to see eagles is nonexistent. So it was really fun to see eagles all of the time.

In the evening, we spent about an hour watching the Min-Aqua bats ski show.

Other points of Day 3 include: fish tacos on the lake, nap in the park and a grill out.

Nice night for a bike ride.

We went out for some practice laps for the 24. This will be my first time doing the race and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Nice night for a bike ride.

We went out for some practice laps for the 24. This will be my first time doing the race and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Garden update.

We have about 4 squash plants in the other raised bed but all these you see here are our tomato plants. So many tomato plants. We thought for sure our seedlings would die upon transplanting. We don’t have the greenest thumbs though we wish we did.

All but 3 are cherry tomatoes. 2/3 of the others are beefsteak. And the other one is a green zebra. Pictured are the beefsteak. Pretty beefy!

I made the thing #gif #notjif

Chicago. Half marathon #5.

Firstly, the race was very difficult for me. I didn’t train like I should have and I have had an injury since January.

Early Saturday we set out with coffee in hand to the McCormick Center for the race expo. Here I got my bib number, shirt and loads of swag. My college roommate and her fiancé also were running so we met up to go through the expo together. Afterwards, we test drove Mazdas and got Starbucks gift cards. I never get coffee from there but now I could get one for free (or the price of my email, address and phone number depending how you view the word “free”). We grabbed lunch at Grand Luxe Cafe. I had the black bean, rice, beet veggie burger and everyone else had pasta.

Brooke and her fiancé headed home afterwards and Rob and I ventured down the Michigan Mile. We grabbed a bottle of wine then hailed a cab back to our hotel. The hotel! It was so nice. We had a glass each then fell asleep watching Wedding Crashers.

Rob volunteered handing out water during the race so he had to be there at 5:30. I grabbed the shuttle around 5:45 and made my way to the start line. My corral didn’t start until 7am. Miles 1-3 were good, I had a great pace but then my darn legs decided to be jerks and tighten up on me. The rest of the race was very difficult and after mile 9, I had to do a lot of walking. It’s always disappointing and leaves me feeling defeated when I have to walk. But to be honest, I think I would’ve done some serious harm had I not walked.

And as always, the medal was a major aspect to the race. This years was really cool, it had the bean on it. I had to ice my legs back at the hotel, picture me sitting on the floor of the shower with bags of ice over/under my legs.

Getting that granola fix #granola #camping #wisconsin #upnorth #fleamarket

Getting that granola fix #granola #camping #wisconsin #upnorth #fleamarket